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This year I will not be standing in the aisles picking through left overs at the pharmacy on Valentine's Day. Not this time! Here are a few of my V’day finds for him, her and all of our love bugs.


From the kids to the co-workers, small but creative gift ideas can go a long way. Creating personalized labels turns any gift into something special. One of my favorites is this S’mores gift bag. The printable bag tag is free on-line or you can simply design your own. Combine one box of graham crackers, candy hearts and a mini chocolate bars. A nicely priced gift for 30 or more. This and so many other amazing ideas can be found on line. 

This year I’ve kept my Valentine’s Day short and extra sweet with the help of my favorite apps. I’m using the HobNob app to send invites to the girls for a special Galentine’s Day get together. The app let’s everyone rsvp and send updates in one place. For the special night I’m using the SOOTHE app for at home massage services. If you’re short on time send your sweetheart a bottle of bourbon using the MiniBar app or deliver a mani and pedi using the Glam Squad app. This year treat your loved ones by simply lifting a finger. xxo Tricia Lee

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Jan 2018 / finance

Buy a home, save for that vacation or just stack? What are your financial goals?

10 Money Moves for 2018


  1. Cut the cable cord. As opposed to spending over $120 a month on cable services, opt for your HBO Now or Showtime On the Go, Netflix and Hulu. A package of 3 can run you about $45 per month and you won't miss much.
  2. At the grocery store buy the store brand and ditch the name brands. Pack your lunch, it will save you $3,000 per year and probably 5 pounds as well.
  3. In the home, re-think remodels. If it's time to spruce up your place but you need to stick to a budget, look where you can do cosmetic upgrades that won't require extensive work and licensing. In the kitchen, paint cabinets and change hardware. In the bathroom, you can upgrade the vanity, change light fixtures and replace faucets. 
  4. Think about a re-financing, especially if you don't plan on being in your home much longer. Adjustable rates can save a homeowner significant money IF you plan is to sell within the next few years. Speak with your financial advisor, it may be time to refi that 30 year to a 15 year. 
  5. Get a good old fashion money jar or shoe box. Each day save $10 or $70 per week, or $280 per month. By October you've saved for Holiday 2018 vacation. 
  6. Pamper for pennies with sites like Groupon and Living Social. You can still treat yourself but at a fraction of the price. 
  7. Switch credit cards in January and take advantage of 0% interest. Be sure to work really hard to pay them down. 
  8. If buying a home is your 2018 goal, attend a home buying workshop (mine preferably) and learn the best prep for buying your first home. 
  9. Get a family, just so you can get a family phone plan. You can cut your cell phone bill by 40%.
  10. Just say no. Be less impulsive with spending and think about the long term goals. 

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Jan 2018 / home ownership

10 Tips to Prepare to Sell your Home


· Deep clean and de-clutter! Everything should be clean and stripped down. Only keep things that you   want on hand. 

· Neutralize the decor in your space. Buyers cannot see beyond bold colors, outdated decor or clutter so    they need to see themselves living there. 

· Create empty space, get rid of extra furniture, clear corners and remove extra equipment.

· Minimize shelves, items on all counter, ledges or tables.

· Set out light smell good plug-in, diffusers or candles.

 ·In the bathrooms, remove plungers and supplies in bathroom. Only a decorative hand soap, hand towel and trash bin should be present.

· Put away all toiletries, personal items and jewelry and ensure all counters are clear.

· Open doors, blinds, drapes and turn on all lights.


· Clean front door and entrance way.

· Leave the home and leave the area. 

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Preparing to sell your home includes various steps. If you are ready to list your home, contact us to set up a in-home evaluation and listing presentation. 

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dec 2017 / goals for 2018

Making 2018 a Happy New Year

Goal planning is a big part of my business and personal formula for productivity. I love planners, highlighters, lists and most of all ..a check mark. Below one of my favorite lifestyle planners, shares tips on writing and achieving goals. 


Setting goals means nothing if we don’t commit to them with action. Many times we have these hopes of being somewhere better than where we are but in reality we’re not putting forth the real effort it takes to get there.

You want to lose weight but you’re not working out or changing your diet appropriately. You want to make great grades but you’re catching up on Netflix and Youtube videos instead of putting the extra hours into your work and studying. You want to pump out more steady content for your blog but you scroll social media constantly instead of writing a post. The list goes on and on about want we want versus what we actually do.

Well, what is discipline? It’s giving up what we want now for what’s best later. And we benefit from it in the long run.

So maybe you’ve set some goals that you are lacking the will-power to keep. Here are 9 ways to stop playing games and stick to it!

Stop making it an option.

Make moves or make excuses, right? When we mentally make our goals optional instead of a priority we will find a million ways to reason ourselves out of it when the time comes, because we’re led by our feelings.

You have to get it into your brain that if this is the result you want to see, then this is not an option. Goals don’t magically get fulfilled because you want them to happen or wished them into existence; and time waits for no one. The months and the years will continue to pass whether you decide to make progress or not. It’s going to take you doing the work…or it’s not happening.

Make sure they’re timely.

Set dates and give yourself a time frame. Yes, deadlines bring on the pressure but pressure can be a healthy thing. It gets us moving and provides personal accountability. Don’t just let your goals float around aimlessly. Get concrete and provide a real timeline.

I’m going to lose this many pounds by the end of this month.

I’m going to write this many blog posts by the end of each week.

I’m going to take the exam and have my certification by this date.

I’m going to have enough saved up for my own place by this time next year.

Then post it somewhere you can see it so you can measure the progress you should be making.

Visualize it.

Why do people perish without a lack of vision? Because vision gives you a trajectory of where you’re going. When you can’t see where you’re going then you will aimlessly wander and it’s easy to get off track. Literally picture what the results will look like when you reach this goal. Getting a vision of the long term will also help you stay on course when you want to make excuses in the right-now. See it in your mind and take a mental picture.

Brainstorm the how.

I’m really big on being practical. While abstract ideas and inspirations sound nice to me, I want to know how. What is the real process that’s going to take place to make this possible? That’s why you’ll notice my blog posts are often numbered and broken down for practicality.

Now that you have an idea of where you want to go, what is the plan to get there? Again, it’s not going to magically happen just because the wish exists. You’re going to have to move your feet. Does this mean you’re going to get a personal trainer or make it a routine to go to the gym 3 mornings of the week? How many job applications are you going to put out a day? Will you dedicate 4 hours a week specifically to writing for your blog? The more specific you can get the better. Also, be sure to write it down. Statistics based off a Harvard study have shown that people who write down their goals have over an 80% higher chance of achieving them than people who don’t.


Make sure you’re doing something every week that’s bringing you closer. It’s so easy for life to interfere with our goals. But the truth is, we all have the same 24 hours. It’s not always about having time, it’s about making time. And you will make time for the things that are important to you. You will find a way to fit it in.

This is another reason why it’s important to be organized and also why I have a planner. Organization technically gives us more freedom because we are orchestrating how we are using our time. Being able to look at your week and organize your routine will give you an overview of how to shape your priorities into the times that are available.

Have accountability.


Two are always better than one. If you can get a workout buddy, a study partner or just a friend who is willing to check on you and say, “Hey, how’s it coming along? What’s holding you back?” it can make a world of a difference. We give ourselves more of a pass when it’s just us but having another eye, again, brings a healthy amount of pressure that keeps us on track.

Assess your progress every two weeks or monthly.

At the beginning of every month I revisit my goals from the previous month to see what I accomplished or what I need to implement into the following month. Taking the time to reflect gives you a good measurement of your progress or shows you how you may need to adjust your plans.

Reward yourself.

Nothing is wrong with a little positive reinforcement! Connecting progress to reward is simple motivation psychology. If you’ve made good progress or accomplished a goal, seriously, treat yourself. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you did all this just to suffer. No, you stepped out, you challenged your limits, you grew from it- that is worth celebrating! Take a breather and invest in something that you love because you worked hard for it. Just don’t get carried away and lose everything you worked for. Balance is the magical word.

Let’s recap; you are going to set and stick to your real goals by:

  1. Making moves and stop making excuses. It is no longer an option.
  2. Giving yourself a timeline with real dates and times by which you plan on having this accomplished.
  3. Getting a vision of where you’re going into your head and letting it be your motivator to stay the course.
  4. Outlining a real plan as to how you’re going to reach this goal and getting as specific as possible.
  5. Prioritizing and making sure you’re doing something every week that will bring you closer.
  6. Being ready to become adaptable. When the life takes you off track you will keep the goal but adjust the plan as necessary.
  7. Finding accountability that will hold you to your goal and not let you get off easy.
  8. Assessing your progress every two weeks to a month to see how you’re coming along.
  9. Rewarding yourself when you’ve reached the promise land because you worked hard and deserve it!

-Britney A. Moses |



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