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The Tips

After one dozen, expertly planned or often not  planned at all, trips in this last year, I have mastered the ability to pick up and go in about 3 hours. On my way back from Vegas the other day, the woman sitting next me noticed my travel pouch and mentioned that she loved it. She thought I was prepared for everything.  (Oh I am and I am so proud of it).  I geeked out and emptied right there for her . After she wrote down all of the contents, I thought maybe I was onto something. Since this time of year is more about hitting the road, our monthly tips are the most helpful for Summer travel. Travel tips to make the airport less stressful and finally all of the contents of my Travel Pouch. All are my  must haves that have saved me in every delayed, cancelled, missed-my-connection scenario. 

1. Gel travel pillow and easy fold blanket for the plane. You can use a pashmina or a sarong for this.

2. A smart suitcase. I have the Away and a small Raden. It's 2018, time for a suitcase that weighs itself, charges your gadgets, has bluetooth tracking and designed so beautifully you can push it with your pinky.

3. Electronics Pouch- buy a pencil case and fill it with charging bases, banks, micro usb, ligtening cable and headphone converter cords.

4. Wear your most bulky shoes on the plane. For me this is usually my sneakers or boots.

5. Pack light workout clothes that can hang and dry overnight. I pack one set and wash and wear if needed.

6. Foldable water bottle, most airports have filtered water systems. No need to buy a bottle of water for $5.

7. Purchase snacks at your local drug store or grocery store before you take off and save money at the airport. Nothing ruins my mood more than paying $4 for a bag of M&Ms that I have no business eating in the first place.

8. Get there early. I used to laugh when my mom would have us at the airport a half a day before a flight. While she may be too much, traveling for leisure should feel like it. Start your trip off in the right frame of mind by getting to the airport hours before your flight so you have time for issues, relaxing and cocktails. 

Tlee's Travel Pouch

I am known for always being prepared. It is truly less about reputation and more about me avoid being uncomfortable in any ways that I can. I just don't like it! Last year in Trelawny  my friend slipped on a rock while creating what turned out to be the most amazing IG beach shot. Problem is , she walked away bleeding. The things people go through for the shot. After laughing at her uncontrollably I asked if she had bandaids and antibiotic ointment. "Who walks with that stuff to the beach?". She raises her head to see me handing her two bandaids and Neosporin. 

1. Attach 3 safety pins inside of your pouch.

2. Tylenol, Benadryl, Emergen-C packet, Neosporin and whatever else you need in a pinch.

3. Burt's Bees cleansing wipes travel size (yellow pack)

4. Eye gels pads and sleep mask 

5. 2 Tide wipes

6. Sample size lotions and eye-cream (from magazines, events or beauty kits)

7. Small Ziplock bags 

8. Bug Spray wipes 

9, Ear plugs

10. Tea bags, coffee packs and lemon packs that I get from take out orders

11. Single use toothbrushes 

12. Hand sanitizing wipes 

13. Deodorant wipes or travel deodorant

14. A pen

15. Old airline headphones from previous trips